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Well I must admit Iwas a little bit slow on the blogging of this one. Between catching up after being away for the week, and going through over 3000 of their images it has taken a little longer to get this up. I think it was worth the wait!

I spent the week of Jan 19-26 with Dacia, Dom there family and friends at the incredible 5 star Iberostar Varadero resort.  The week was amazing, probably the best destination wedding I have done in a long long time. The managed to have a great turnout with a huge group making the trip down with them. The group that came is an amazing group of people and I had a great time hanging out with them and getting to know them all better. 

The week was quite busy, and I ended up doing quite a bit of shooting with them through out the week. Monday was the Welcome Cocktail Reception where everyone got to know each other a little better.  Tuesday was a golf day with Dom and the guys, with a bet that he lost, unfortunately for him! We did an engagement shoot in Havana on Wednesday.  They had arranged a custom tour bus just for our group into Havana. We spent the day doing the tour of the city and shooting some pictures in and around town as well.  Thursday was a recovery day for most of the group as the bachelor and bachelorette nights happened on Wednesday and were still going strong at the buffet at 5 am with some rice and gourds being used to there full potential! Thursday night was also the wedding rehearsal, and dinner at the Japanese restaurant. Now on to Friday… The Wedding Day!!!  The day was amazing, sunny, warm, and everything worked out perfectly. The day couldn’t have been any better for them. Saturday was a big shooting day as well. We had arranged to do a “trash the dress” shoot with the two of them, but we actually got some of the bridal party and family to join in as well. We did the beach shots, ocean shots, and even jumped in the pool. Sunday was a quite day, as a lot of the group was heading back home that day. It was also the day the Dacia and Dom said their goodbyes and headed over to the Paradisus resort for their honeymoon for the next week.

All in all it was an amazing week, with an amazing couple and group of friends. I have a ton of memories from this wedding, and have made some new close friends as well. Now what you have been waiting for… the pictures. This is the most we have ever blogged from one wedding and because of that we have divided it up into 3 categories, we will start with the engagement shoot, then the wedding day, and then finally some samples from the trash the dress shoot. I hope you like them!



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