Gallery – Wedding Day

Months, sometimes even years go into planning the perfect wedding. Every choice of color and setting reflects elements of your personality, so why should your wedding photos be any different? Poor lighting and stock poses rob your pictures of the spirit of your big day, and fail to evoke an emotional response when you look at them for years to come.

At The Photo Studio we seek to capture creative wedding pictures in Toronto for all of our clients that spark the imagination and enhance your memories. Our photographers see wedding photography in Toronto as an art form, carefully crafting each shot to make your wedding pictures as unique as you and your ceremony. When we’re finished, you’re left with high quality photos that document the story of the most important day of your life.

The best wedding photos are those that highlight the intimacy and joy of your special day. These feelings are captured not only in the way that you look at your new spouse, but in the eyes of a joyful mother watching her daughter dance with the love of his life, or the faces of bridal party as they shower you with their affection. Through the use of both candid shots and creative set ups for posed pictures, we capture the excitement of your wedding with every frame.

What we really love are shots of touch throughout the preparation, ceremony and reception. A single touch conveys so much emotion, and much more than words ever could. The gentleness of the touch as you hold hands, reciting your vows. A father’s hand gripping his son’s shoulder in pride. A loving stroke of your spouse’s face, more intimate than a stolen kiss. Each of these photos injects life onto the page, and are the kind of creative wedding pictures in Toronto you’ll cherish forever.

Don’t settle for just any photographer for your wedding; look for someone who puts as much thought and effort into their shots as you put into the wedding planning. Contact us at 905-604-3260 or for more information about our pricing and wedding photography in Toronto.



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