Photography Portfolio

Engagement and wedding photographs capture the once in a lifetime experience of your special day. They serve as the mementos that you cherish for the rest of your life, and a piece of your history that you can pass down to your children. At The Photo Studio wedding photos are our business and we specialize in commemorating every part of your special day. From your engagement session pictures through the end of your wedding reception, we’ll be there to preserve the memories of your event.

What Makes The Photo Studio Special?

There are dozens of places you can go for engagement and wedding photography in Toronto, but none of them have the singular focus or approach of the Photo Studio. Our focus is on capturing the biggest moments of your life in high quality photographs. After years of experience in wedding photography, we developed an artistic style that captures the moments of your wedding day, both big and small, without intruding or interfering.

Where we really stand out is in our approach to your wedding. Anyone can pick up a camera and take pictures, but it takes a special eye and a gentle touch to transform photos into art. At the Photo Studio our engagement & wedding pictures are about so much more than the images on the page; they are about the passion and emotion of your wedding. The little things, like the barely contained excitement as the bride dresses for the ceremony, the look of adoration and anticipation of the groom as he waits at the end of the aisle, or the bittersweet tears in a father’s eyes while he watches his daughter dance, are what bring your pictures to life, and those are the moments we capture better than anyone.

Check out some of the work that we’ve done for previous clients, and see the Photo Studio difference for yourself. Contact us via phone at 950-604-3260 or email at to discuss your needs, and to schedule a consultation.



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